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27th annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Foundation CENL(24-25 September):


Paper 13-01 Agenda

13-02 Minutes of 26th Annual Meeting of CENL, Vaduz, 1-2 October 2012

13-03 CENL Annual Report 2012-2013

13-04 CENL Audit Report 2012

13-05 CENL/FEP Working Group on Digital Publications Annual Report 2012-2013

13-06 CENL Copyright Working Group Annual Report 2012-2013

13-07 ISNI-IA Annual Report 2012-2013

13-08 The European Library Assessment Group Report June 2013

13-08a Caroline Brazier presentation - TEL Assessment Group Report

13-09 The European Library Half-Year Report 2013

13-09a Louise Edwards and Elisabeth Niggemann presentation - TEL Half-Year Report, Achievements to Date, and Activities to End 2013

13-10 Bruno Racine Presentation: Reshaping TEL to Meet up Tomorrow's Challenges

13-10a Bas Savenije presentation - Joint Proposal of the TEL MC Taskforces

13-10b Hans Petschar presentation - TEL Membership Fees: New Pricing Model for National Libraries

13-11 CENL Consolidated Budget 2013 and Budget 2014

13-12 Bas Savenije presentation - Partnerships and Partnership Models

13-12a Roly Keating presentation - Making the Case for Public Funding

13-12b Bruno Racine presentation - PPPs, the BnF Experience

13-12c Kai Ekholm presentation - The National Library and Warner Music Finland: Vintage Popular Music Online

13-12d Erland Kolding Nielsen presentation - Public-Private Partnerships: What, How, and What Not

13-13 Katarzyna Šlaska Summary

13-13a Katarzyna Slaska presentation - National Library of Poland: Key Issues 2013

13-13b Marie-Christine Doffey Summary

13-13c Marie-Christine Doffey presentation - Swiss National Library: New Trends in Using Data and New Partners for

13-13d Marie-Christine Doffey Written Presentation

13-13e Mar Hernández Agustí Summary

13-13f Mar Hernández Agustí presentation - BNE and CENL: Key Issues and Objectives, A Point of View

13-13g Mar Hernández Agustí Written Presentation

13-13h Tomáš Böhm Summary

13-13i Tomáš Böhm presentation - National Library Czech Republic: Key Facts & Issues 2013





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